my story.

Diane Creane My Story

Hi from Diane & welcome to DC Creations ! I do what I love & love what I do!

My first love forever is design, second to creating. My love of play and ability to visualise inspire creation.
Luckily I also love to shop and spot!  The collector I am, all my family & friends know, I’m so very lucky to have a creative outlet in DC Creations.

Styling or crafting props, along with decor & fabric is really play for me & feelings felt on moments of completion, there is just nothing like it.  In seeing awe and happiness reflected in clients & guest’s faces, means I know I have done my job well.

Guidance & professionals you choose make it happen. Be assured & confident that together we can create any theme we can dream together.

Listening to your wishes inspires instant ideas to design & bring to life unique touches & details to reflect you, your wishes & visually stunning events.  My goal to work closely with you, from initial meeting to save you time and stress.  To go beyond expectation ensuring your occasion, event or biggest day is beautifully designed.  For you to be comfortable, excited and happy. Being present on the day to style and perfectly execute details.

A large, eclectic collection in Props and decor for the Vintage trend revolution are variety in style, covering eras and scope it entails and all is a very exciting godsend for people like me who love to theme!  Previous work is re-set only upon request as I simply cannot do repetition and be fulfilled creatively.

I love the journey of a stylist with the sudden inspirations, dreaming of ideas & how far to take them. Feeling the magic of walking into a space and knowing instantly what will go here and look amazing there is fantastic. I know I mostly do too much, however I love it and am lucky to meet & work along with a variety of interesting people and my brides in love… and their men when they’re game!

Drawing mad by 8, at 13 designing clothing, drafting patterns and sewing each week for self and friends. What I knew and called designer & style, my friends called wow and different… this has been my life, creating anew..!

My children & many adults enjoyed theme parties, theme bed & dining rooms with decor and painted murals. Friends & friends of friends wanted & had them too, as did many Kindergartens … & so I found myself in the theme business.

A lucky ability to draw designs, led to Event & Display design proposals, onto creation of large props needed for designs. Naming DC Creations in 1998, was an auspicious beginning winning the Large Commercial Award, and again for many years. In 2005, continued requests led DC Creations to Gold Coast Weddings. Now a large part of my life along with Christmas, Corporate Events & Private theme occasions, I still love the joy of theme and the Kiddies birthdays too!

Please call for a chat, send an email or come by for a coffee or tea at the showroom. I can’t wait to hear your story and your wishes for your event !
Bye ’til then. x