Ceiling Draping

Can be set in any style or configuration. Drapes are 10 x1.5 metres.
Options are Fairy lights, COLOUR CHANGE LIGHTS, UP-LIGHTING, CROCHET BALL LANTERNS, White or Colour change BALL LIGHTS, CHANDELIERS. Venue Location is required for quotation.

Available: - Draping in 5 arms from central ring
- Set 3 drapes from backdrop to branch across room
- Set 2 drapes in crossover format above dance floor.
COLOUR CHANGE LIGHTING, Chandeliers, Maypoles.

Décor can be imaginative with Fairy Lights, in decor colours in various hanging styles. Lanterns,
Floral garlands, Frames, Parasols, Birdcages, Large Flowers, Chandelier, Ribbon Maypole, flowers.