Vintage – D.I.Y. Hire or DC Prop Hire and Styling

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Vintage styling is fun, can be everything and anything you would like it to be… we are inspired and thrilled by trends in vintage props.. all is exciting for stylists like myself…& for those of you who love gorgeous decor or admire creativity !

We want you to enjoy the process and be happy organising your wedding or event, and we know it can be stressful. We hope to take away much of the worry, save you time and allow you to relax while we guide you through the design planning process and on your big day!We love for you to be excited by our inspired and unique details as we appreciate how special you and your celebration of love or occasion is, in sharing with all those closest to you. As we bring to life unique touches reflecting you and your wishes to exude personal style and create a visually stunning event, we hope you too will treasure moments shared.

I look forward to the opportunity in working closely with you to design and style your Vintage Wedding, Event or Photo shoot.

Our extensive & eclectic Vintage collections are listed in our PROP Hire SHOP.
All vintage furniture, styling decor and handmade crafts are available for DIY Hire. Decor & props give inspiration, bringing to life your theme in touches & details, reflecting your individual styles to create a visually stunning event in your preferred ambience.

Vintage Ceremony

DC Creations design & style Altars & Ceremony decoration, utilising our extensive PROPS and Decor ranges. Our previous work is set up on request only.

Chairs: White & Rattan Peacocks Chairs, Americana, Neon Bentwood, White/Timber mix-match, W/ Iron, Vintage Lounges, White Peacock Bench
Sign table range: 1910 round, round Wrought iron, Rectangle, White timber semi, Brass & Marble, Black.
Canopy range: Bamboo Designs, Wrought Iron Canopy, Arches, White +colour +lace +crochet fabrics
Bamboo: White, bleached & chocolate, Silk Flowers, garlands and Balls, Wholesale flowers
Chair Sashes: Vintage lace poms, Burlap, LACE, Full colour range
Tree Hangings: Chandeliers, Crochet, Bunting, Ribbons, Birdcages, Frames, lanterns, Garlands & drops in shell, crystal, pearl/crystal etc.
Giant Flowers, Pedestals, Flags, Easels, Sign Boards, Mirrors & frames, Pinwheels, Tassles etc.

All PACKAGES are designed and tailored. Also we offer 3 Ceremony Packages with multi-options for your selection, designed for personal choice, requirements & budget. Please see ‘Wedding Packages’.

Vintage Tables & Centrepieces

Tables can look innovative styled with differing vintage pieces on each table, along with bottle floral.
LACE and CROCHET table cloths and doilies, Burlap & Lace Table Runners & Chair sashes, Floral fabrics.
Ordering of Wholesale fresh flowers available.

Coloured Glass Vases: 10 Amber, 14 Aqua, 4 Royal Blue, 30 Pink Cherry & Maroon
Clear Glass range: Bottles & Jars with twine + votives with twine + lace trims if required
Crystal: Vases, Plate, Glasses, Cups, bowls, Decanters, Crystal Silver Servers
English: Cups & Saucers, Crockery, Teapots, Jugs, Creamers, bowls
White Porcelain: Pitches, Urns, Jugs, Vases, Boots, ornaments.
Brass collection: Pitcher, Vases, Coal scuttle, Bed warmer, stand
Candelabras: 15 Cream Crystal 5 taper candles, 10 Gold Heart 3 pillar candles,
1 Tall Silver 5 arm, 2 Black 3 piller candle, 12 Gold/Silver/bronze twin stem flower,
Books, Bird Pairs, Frames, Beading, Lace, Diamonte, Crystal, Satin, Heshing/Burlap, Lantern

Vintage Reception

DC Vintage PROP HIRE and Styling – See PROP Hire Shop

Furniture: Peacock Chair Bridal Thrones, White & Timber mix match chairs, Neon Bentwood chairs, Vintage Lounges & chairs, White Lawn Furniture, Daybeds, tables, brass/marble table.
Decor Styling Props: Chandeliers, Typewriter, Books, Birds, Urns, Pitches, Birdcages, Candelabras, Hearts, Wagon Wheels, DOORS, Window Panes, Mirrors, Blackboards, Signs, MR. & MRS. Bunting, Lace & Burlap Bunting brass, porcelain, Swans, Peacocks, Flamingos, Paper Poms, Paper flowers, Pinwheels, Tassles & crafts.
Vintage Table Decor: Wedding Centrepieces, Jars/Bottles, Crystal glass, Brass. Colour Glass, Timber, Burlap & LACE Table Runners, LACE + Crochet T/cloths , Picture Frames.
Trims in Diamonte, Sequin, Pearl, Crystal, Twine & Lace. Picture Frames.
Plain round, square, rectangle, Diamonte & Crystal Jewell Mirrors,
Dinner ware: English Crockery, Cups & saucers, Teapot, Silver servers. Silver Tea Pot & set.
Crystal decanters & Drink Dispensers, Crystal Wine Glasses & plates,
Champagne glasses, Crystal/Silver serving dishes, Crystal /Glass Cake, Lolly Bar,
Chair decor: Pom Chair Lace sashes & Pearls, Burlap Sashes, Lace Sashes, Chair Cushions,
Backdrop Curtaining: Ribbon, White/Cream Lace, Gold, Black/White Filagree, White, Green, Cream, Pink, Purple, White, Red, Black Fringing,
4 x 2.5 metre H White Wrought Iron Panels, Columns, Hearts, Pedestals, Doors.


Styling range & inspiration is endless… so here are a few.. & a few more!

Wild sweet flowers adorn bottles on books with birds set on timber, burlap & lace. Blanket picnics set on fields.  Large white roses lay on  lawns with garden furniture of White Peacock & wrought iron chairs.  Floral & candle jars float in breeze with fans as crystal chandeliers hang with lamp shades in bandaged trees near Woodland arches.  Whimsical ribbons flutter & pinwheels spin beside paper blooms, neon chairs & benches. Rockabilly records sit on checks & spots or known sophistication of French furniture  inspiration. English class tradition in drink trolley stations, crystal decanters, lemonades & high tea. Rustic winery or country charm in barrels & bunnies, pottery & doilies, timbers & wagon wheels, or barns of bale seating aglow in fairy lights. Vintage sofas warm chill areas, tressel tables & dressers meet mix-match chairs, filling marquees & backyards.  String bunting & tassles display as doors form altars & frame props style your shots. Elegant backdrops in gold, lace & pearls, or ribbon pastel canopies & maypoles impact. Fabrics of chevron & art, florals & fringing or furs & feathers. Trunks & travel to tiffany crystal & diamonte class. Oh to retire to beach burlap or bamboo, on sand or grass in cane Peacock Chair thrones & ruffled curtain canopy shade.  Boho tents, horses & Indians, Morrocan cushions & colour or bold safari prints…

Modern Vintage – a hodgepodge style of eras past, of details & charm created to last !